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 When I Grow Up NYC Primary Hillary Clinton

New York  Primaries are today! Presidential election time is always and exciting and emotional time for me. Am I the only one who gets attached to my favorite candidate? Or gets nervous when there are no potential “winners” in your eyes? Regardless of what you feel about the candidates, it is so important to exercise your right to vote. Each step of the way. Primaries included! We all haven’t always had the right to vote, so I never take it for granted!

On this particular election year I am experiencing many different emotions as our amazing president will soon be exiting the highest office in our nation. It has been an honor watching our first black president lead with such intelligence, poise and grace. He let us know that we can truly accomplish anything we set our minds to achieving.

In comes a Barack Obama inspired “When I Grow Up” shoot organized alongside Danielle Gray of The Style and Beauty Doctor. Alicia of Chica Fashion brought her adorable kiddies to my Brooklyn, New York photography studio for a day of imagination and dress up. A day of inspiration for future possibilities.

 When I Grow Up NYC Primary Bernie Sanders

It is so important for children of all ethnicities to know that they can achieve whatever goals they have in mind. Whether or not  someone who looks like them has already done it. You can be a trailblazer! You can be the first, the greatest, the best and the happiest!

When I Grow Up NY Primaries Bernie Sanders

When I Grow Up NY Primaries Hillary Clinton

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